Destinations that you will love to explore at any age!

We have got your joy covered!


Through accommodations, we only can ensure you relaxation from the full day’s tiresome journey as well as refreshment when you wake up in the morning. This simply does not help fulfill our mission. So, we have an extensive offer for you, covering all destinations that can give you bliss or thrill.

This is why we feel proud to plan your adventurous journey to different matchless destinations around the lush, aquatic terrain. Our destinations are diverse yet deliver our goal to give you thrilling memories and exciting discoveries of both external destinations and internal qualities.

You Explore the Nature, You Enjoy the Adventure, and You Stay in an Authentic Habitat


Our location is not any ordinary one. It is perhaps one of the most scenic, unique, and extraordinary ones, which tend to lure any backpacker or traveler. Even someone who has come to South Africa for the first time is likely to fall in love with our place!

Well, that’s the significance and power of the surrounding natural beauty. While we are known for our tranquil hostel accommodation, we offer beyond your imagination when it comes to staying in such a scenic place.


Well, That’s a Tour to Thrilling Destinations!


Right from the trekking trails and beach to cruising islands and sacred pools, we have got each interest covered! Any backpacker of any age or preference is surely going to find the thrilling activity of her or his choice. A must to experience, apart from the natural destinations, are our own pretty points where we conduct our cultural music festivals, parties, and competitions (cooking and drumming) to make you experience the the authentic Bomvu bliss!

Diverse Surfing Points

With all Water Levels

You can learn surfing in just three days or enjoy surfing amidst different water levels with all first-class equipment.

On-beach Restaurant

Truly African

Enjoy the real culinary taste of South Africa, as the local tribes come together to give your taste buds a distinct pinch!

Party by the Beach

Evenings and Nights

Our Saturday parties tend to lure all backpackers even if they are tired of their adventurous trip.

Music Competitions

Try Your Hands on Musical Instruments

Well, this experience is genuinely and only African that the locals make you prepare.

BBQs and Fire Pits

For More Traditional and Musical Evenings

The blend of BBQ and local music has a unique story to share.

Pool Games

For Internal Game Lovers

If outside adventures do not lure you, our pool games will!