Backpacking is really fun thing to do, if you’re doing it the right way, with the right set of people, and with the right set of gears. As beginners, most find backpacking as a strenuous and fun adventure, but as you go deeper into the act, it becomes less burdensome, and more fun. For the maximization of fun in a backpacking adventure, vast amount of experience is needed. As backpackers, there are a lot of challenges to face, for a starter it wouldn’t be appropriate to go through that alone. Traveling with an experienced backpacker is highly recommended at this point.

But as a starter apart from making your first journey out with someone with vast experience, it is also important you know as to which gear to go out with and a few other things, in this article, I’ll be taking you through the needful things to do when preparing for your first backpacking trip.


   As stated earlier, making your first trip with an experienced backpacker is really a good thing, as it has been said ‘experience is the best teacher’. If you have a friend or two who are backpackers, ask them to take you on a one- or two-night backpacking trip. Chances are they’ll be happy to share their backpacking expertise with you


The choice of route is dependent on many factors. And each should be strongly considered before venturing into a trip

  • Time Available: Before choosing a route and destination you should consider the amount of time you have at your disposal. And this should be measured relative to the amount of miles you can cover per hour
  • Your Fitness Level: It is very necessary you assess the shape you’re in, and how many miles you’ll be able to cover before you get exhausted.
  • Time of the Year and Weather: it is also important to consider the weather in your destination and route, so as to know the appropriate kit to carry along. Also constantly check your weather forecast, so as to be forewarned of coming storm.


There are essential gears every backpacker must take on a trip, also there are gears that are optional depending on the type of trip, here, we are going to be talking about the essential gears.

  • A Compass: Telling which direction you’re headed is really important. A compass helps you do that
  • A Map: it is very important to have the map of the location you’re headed, although map applications on phones and other gadget works, it is also advisable to have an hard copy of your map. Most importantly you must be able to read those maps.
  • First Aid Kit: as one can never be too careful, it is advisable to go along in a trip with a first aid kit as it might come in handy.
  • Extra Clothing and Food
  • Fire starter
  • Flashlights: a flashlight is very important even if you travel during the day, you never know where you might need to spend the night