In a few words we offer you the best service in hostel services. Budget friendly services also. But I won’t just expect you to put your trust in us based on a few words, so we’ll go all the way and give you detailed explanations about our aims, ideas,background,offers and more.


We are backpacker Enthusiasts

We are highly dedicated lovers of the outdoors, we are the bomvu backpackers and we are an independent hostel booking and information site for backpackers. Our team is dedicated to meeting the ultimate needs of various backpackers from various parts of the world.

We are a very Optimistic set

We set aside all negativity and focus on the positive side of all situations.


A Backpacker is someone who travels with a backpack and whose method of travel is either by foot  or with the use of public transport. If you’re reading this there is every likelihood that you know that already. Where you lodge during these travels is where we come in. We are aimed at providing comfortable and cozy lodges for you en-route to your destination. Having been Backpackers ourselves we fully understand the life of a backpacker and all the challenges they face. We are also aimed at giving advice for choices of backpacking gears to our clients.



Our team show 100 percent dedication when at work with the aim of satisfying every need of our customers. We try to create a personalized relationship with each of our customers for maximization of satisfaction.


Our team is one whom you can put your trust on, reliability and trust is key in a relationship if progress is to be made. So we ensure our customers are comfortable around us so as to create a field of trust. We would never give you a reason to distrust us. 



We consist of a combination of individuals who work as a team and are ready to give their all for the interest of the organization and the customers.


We run a very fluid and transparent organization, we are always ready to share our pattern of operation with customers and also receive all recommendation and advice given by customers with an open hand.



Bomvu Backpackers was founded by Giovanni Wahab, a South African, he is a backpacker who has experienced various struggles encountered by backpackers over the years. In the year 2000, after various years of observing substandard backpackers lodges in the Southern Region of Africa a compromise was reached to create a special befitting place of rest for backpackers without extravagant spending. Chains of hostels have been created in the southern region over the years and exponential growth is being experienced in the various branches mainly because of the dedication shown by our team and the impeccable services we offer. Till today we remain one of the top Lodges for Backpackers from different part of the world.

We make your travels one to remember!