About Us

We are no ordinary backpackers’ community!

We have distinct characteristics for making your trip captivating!


Both our place and service cross the experience of our customers beyond satisfactory! This is regardless of what you choose from our service arsenal.

Bomvu Backpackers Features


That has no bounds or surprises lacking to keep you engaged and amazed!

Bomvu Backpackers Features


That are full of thrill, fun, and joyful screams to discover the brave human inside you!

Bomvu Backpackers Features


That we give and you use for optimal safety and maximum enjoyment!

Who Are We?

We are the Nation’s Most Distinctive Backpackers Service Provider

BOMVU BACKPACKERS is known as the Africa’s most individualistic community for backpackers. We are situated amidst a gorgeous tropical terrain at the mouth of the untouched Bomvu river overseeing the Indian ocean.


We aim to be a genuine campers and backpackers paradise. Running as a serene hostel, our accommodations attract backpackers from far and wide corners of the globe not due to the rural charm but due to hospitality of the Xhosa tribal people who partake in the things you choose do, such as drum playing, drum making, break making, cultural dancing, and beadwork workshops.


Your Constant Joy is Our Mission!


This is what our service aims. However, it is also what our tribal community who are smart backpackers in their own right, aims. They act as local guides to accompany you on trekking, surfing, or near horseback to some truly memorable coastal destinations, including sacred pools.


The entire Wild Coast is immaculate; thanks to these tribal people who have made this place worth living with peace and thrill. Together with them, we also arrange for parties featuring drummers and fire dancers showing their talent on diverse African rhythms. We also run yoga classes in our studio to give you that blissful experience, which is essential in today’s hectic life. Our on-site surf school gives surfing lessons and guarantees no crowds and great wave.

Our Vision and Values

From the Heart of Africa

They all come from the Xhosa tribal people, who are truly the heart of the nation. Our vision to make one’s journey blissful and yet thrilling along the untouched wild coastline gets fulfilled by the values of hospitality, integrity, transparency, and coordination.


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