Just in case you’re still stuck in the fidget spinner era, squishies from Windsor Smith are brightly-colored foam toys that are available in an assortment of sizes and shapes, from a giant peach as big as a kid’s head to a little panda face on the keychain. Most of them are perfumed with bakery-appropriate flavors such as peaches and cream or strawberry. As the name implies, their most significant quality is their hugely satisfying feel. Squeezing a squishy is akin to crushing some Wonder bread between your fingers, and then watch it enchantingly go back to its initial form.

Squishies are well on the way to being the next big thing when it comes to toys in the US, according to interviews the New York Times and New York Magazine had with toy-store owners. As long as they are being marketed, just like fidget spinners, as a means of relieving anxiety and stress. Everything points to the fact that squishies are well on the way to blossoming into a full-blown trend, however, they really do not have a lot to do with getting rid of anxiety and nervous energy. They’ve got more to do with relieving our sense of loneliness in an era of touch-depravation.

Dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, donkeys, lambs … children love them! Why do they inspire so much passion in children? Almost every kid loves to play with squishy animals that are shaped like toys, but why is that so? Why do so many kids focus on playing with stuffed toys that are shaped like animals? If you want to find out, as a parent, the answer to those questions, then you have come to the right place!

Kids love imitating animal sounds

Meow! Bow Wow! Oink Oink! Babies are unique in imitating the sounds of animals: they are never wrong! They never attribute, for example, the bleating of the sheep to the rooster. Undoubtedly, this skill is owed to their parents: most of them play with their son or daughter to the voices of the animals. And that will, in turn, extend to their love of stuffed animal toys. They love to imitate the sounds of those animals as they play with their squishy toys.

They have learned to love animal characters

It is not surprising that a boy or girl is a fan of all kinds of animals: they are the protagonists of most of the stories they read and of the cartoons that they see. Some time ago, the authors understood that taking to the stage bears, rabbits … is a formula for success among the kids. Babies are especially attracted to mammals: they identify with them because, in fiction, they almost always appear humanized and live like children. And that calms them down, especially if they have got a squishy animal toy that they can play with. This can be true for almost every type of stuffed toy, whether it is a rabbit or a bear. Kids love to play with animal toys because they remind them of their favorite stories and characters.

Kids love to have pretended pets

Sometimes, the child is lucky to have a pet at home, such as a dog, a cat, etc. In these cases, he considers her a member of the family and establishes a strong and real affective bond with her. It is also common that, when they learn to speak, babies pronounce the name of the pet before that of their brother or sister. The dog or the cat represent for them the ideal playmate: it’s like an animated stuffed animal! Luckily, the animal usually has a large dose of patience: it takes out the nails on rare occasions and does not show the fangs when the gestures of its small owner are clumsy or even a little abrupt. However, if a child does not have a real animal pet, then a stuffed animal toy is the next best thing. Those stuffed animal toys are just like the real thing, except in a lot of cases much cuter as well!

So there you have it, these are all of the reasons why stuffed animal squishy toys are so popular amongst kids. So if you are a parent, it could be a good idea to purchase a squishy toy shaped like an animal for one of your kids.