Today, lots of users are now installing the Pokémon app on their gadgets. It is a gaming app that copied the concept of the original Pokémon of eliminating gym leaders and catching the rest of them. Pokémon utilizes Google Maps to place Pokémon all over the globe. Players make use of tracking system to detect the location of Pokémon in a 30-meter radius; there are websites that provide valuable information on how to track down the best Pokemon Go locations. Once the player is able to find the Pokémon, they then utilize a camera on their mobile phone to track it down and direct a Pokeball to the Pokémon to secure it.

Here is some valuable information to get you started so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the game.

  1. The Tracking System

You will find the tracking system on the lower right-hand section of your phone and it will display the Pokémon that can be found within a 30-meter radius of your area via Google Maps.

Another thing to take note of is how your character emits a constant circle which might look as if they are using radar or echolocation. This circle extends up to a certain point so that you can locate the exact position of Pokémon.

Next, stop the tracking system. Notice the footprints made by each Pokémon. Each footprint is used to represent 10 meters. So, if the Pokémon produces three footprints, therefore, it represents 30 meters. But if the Pokémon has a single footprint, it implies that they can be found in 10 meters radius and you need to go get them!

  1. Where to Find Pokémon

Many Pokémon is usually located in popular areas around you like downtown or famous landmarks.

If you want to find the location of a specific kind of Pokémon, then search for them in the best Pokémon Go locations. You will discover water Pokémon via numerous means like the water source, ghost Pokémon at night, and grass Pokémon in fields and wild areas.

Always remember that some Pokémon can only be secured by developing them or by walking a specific length area to hatch them from eggs.