If you intend on prolonging your engine life, you can utilize modern oil filters. This will assist in retaining a small amount of oil when the car is turned off, that is actually done by a part of the filter called the anti-drain back valve. If per chance the engine is at rest, the moving parts on top the engine are left unlubricated just as the oil is left to drain to the bottom. As soon as the engine of the car is started, a small amount of the oil in the filter is quickly restored for lubricated of the parts on top of the engine, thus preventing wear and tear in all of the parts. If perchance, you are looking for the best oil filter that is convenient and reliable and designed with the latest technology, below are some of the features that you can look for.

Silicone Anti-Drain Back Valve

When the engine of your car starts, it requires clean oil. Just so that your car gets all that is necessary, there is a small oil filter feature called the silicone anti-drain back valve that assists in the supply of oil when necessary

Exclusive FILTECH Technology

This technology will provide protection for your engine and this feature is 100% guaranteed for the screening out of any contaminant that is actually present in the engine oil.

Steel plates and base housings

The strongest steel plates and base housings is also a feature of the best oil filter in the market. It is responsible for ensuring that there is no poor fitting, warpage, and leakage.

A high lubricity gasket

Are you in need of an oil filter that is of a tight seal but also easy to remove, your best bet is the best oil filter because it features a high lubricity gasket designed that is easy to remove and it of a very tight seal.

From the features listed above, there is no doubt that getting the best oil filter will be a tedious task. Regardless of the high-quality features mentioned, they are very cheap and affordable.