If per chance you are at home bored and alone, with your friends busy in school, or work, what do you do? At this instance, it is not a bad idea to open your Kik app and make some Kik friends! Though Kik is a social network for actually connecting friends together, you can also meet new people on it.

If you are interested in having more on your plate, you can get assistance from the third party websites that Kik users are featured on. The only issue with this method is that they get to choke you with ad popups, adware and even worse.

Kik Friends Finder

Kik Friends Finder actually does the same this; the only difference is that its offer a wide age range of users. You are in the position of generating new Kik usernames, meeting guys or girls, chat, flirt, search and much more. It is actually a very safe site, you do not experience any form of ad popups, thus making it exciting and easy to meet new people and chat while online or through Kik.

Kik Friends

This is another great site, which is quite simple to use. This site gives you the opportunity of meeting people by selecting the gender or by their online presence. Then you further refine your search by the age range, image, or interest. The site features a minimal UI that keeps users center and front.


Though this website features pop-ups, it is an excellent method of meeting new people. It works well and it features ads that promote sexting, so this is something the younger ones should be aware of before trying KUserfinder out. The site feature girls, guys and much more. There are a variety of countries, age range, and interest so you can be sure that you will get to meet someone on the site.

Kik Contacts is actually one of the Kik friends finder websites. It is quite less annoying compared to some option. This site displays users that are online and active and permits you to browse users using a certain filter based on gender, age, location, and interest. The age for the users range from 12 – 20 but there are individuals of other age range, it is just that they are fewer in terms of number.