Most times this question presents itself – Which is the best DJ speaker for small engagements? – This is an excellent question and if you are opting for speaker rental, you deserve the answer since speaker rentals can be quite expensive for just a day on concluding with the other extras you consider adding to the DJ rental.

Active speakers are those that have amplifiers incorporated within them and the advantages to active DJ gears is that there is a little risk on both the rental price and on the renter. There is a little risk on behalf of the renter because the gears cannot be easily broken. The signals produced with the fore mentioned gears vary, as it is difficult to make predictions in a real-world situation. Predictions in the sense of predicting that the microphone might be shouted at or loop backed or perhaps if any disturbances and electric noise will upset the sound input to the DJ speakers.

Firstly, the active speakers have in-built amplifiers, thus the speakers are definitely matched with the capabilities of the amplifier. Capabilities in the sense of impedances, maximum power, currents, and maximum voltages, etc.

Secondly, there is the assurance that the amplifiers have some form protection built from overly transmitting strong signals to the speakers. The chances that the speakers can be destroyed from an accidental input during a gig is next to zero.

The only disadvantage of Active DJ Speakers is the high cost of rental and subsequently, the high cost of hiring DJ gears. The rental company will most definitely recuperate the high cost of acquiring the powered speakers.

Most recently, there are not really question presented on the heftiness of the powered DJ speakers or active DJ speakers, the only thing you should look out for when hiring is the Output Power. For small engagements that will most definitely be entertaining about 50 – 150 individuals, it is ideal to hire an 800 Watt to 1500 Watt speaker. The majority of the sound system rental speakers come with a minimum of 12” to 15” bass.