The majority of the new users of smurf csgo tend to ask these questions – why are skins so important and why are many individuals crazy about skins? The answer is quite simple, these individuals use skins just so their weapons look appealing and some, on the other hand, tend to buy skins just so for their mental satisfaction and pleasure. There are individuals that buy skins just to show off. There are basically three categories that one can acquire csgo skins from.

Factory new skins

These skins tend to give your weapons appealing looks are they brand new skins but the disadvantage with these skins is that they are quite costly that a regular skin. It can be purchased for anything more than $100 (a hundred dollars), but nonetheless, people still find it interesting buying csgo skins.

Field Tested Skins

The conditions of these skins are excellent and they are actually used skins. They are not much used and they give new looks to the weapons. They cost less than the factory new skins; it is easy for an individual to acquire a csgo from this category at a friendly price.

Battle scarred skins

Just as the name implies – battle scarred skins – they are used skins and they much tested. Scratches and color distortion are the fore runners of the battle scarred skins but there is a factor that is easily ignored by various gamers, there are skins that are made available in the battle scarred section that is not actually distorted as presumed.

Similar to the art of selling smurf csgo, the sales of csgo skins are on the rise. You are in the position of trading your used skins for new skins in the market. This will assist in lowering down the need for you to buy csgo skins over a period, gotten either by battle scared or by field Easter. In the steam community, businesses are carried out through the chat box, there are gamers that have publicly their entire inventory from which you can trade and choose from to meet your needs and requirement.