This face cream is used to alter age defect which leads to a visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fold. There is a special formula in QuGenix which aid the natural generation of collagen thereby improving your cells, softening the skin, compacting and increasing the hydration level.

The cream only contains natural ingredients which have undergone researches and there has been valid proof that it possesses the unique ability to reduce traces of aging. Instead of using injections to destroy muscle proteins, it alters your skin in a way by which it will allow for penetration of collagen and elastin generation molecules. It will thereby increase your skin’s natural ability to keep you fresher.

It works by penetrating deep into the innermost layer to the very top thereby restoring them.

This reputed and standard formula uses its active substances to restore the skin and protect it from environmental hazards. It will completely restore your skin at all layers, removing all forms of wrinkles and facelines.

This special formula is not harmful even if you have skin irritations and eczema and it reduces the risk of swelling and other environmental effects.

How does it function?

This serum is specially designed to give you a standard product that will remove stains, swellings, dark spots, and irregular lines at areas close to your eyes. This serum when used will provide the skin close to your eyes the needed nourishment that it desperately needs.

Using this serum more frequently will completely revitalize your skin and give you healthier cells without any skin irritations. All these regular skin care creams and serums cannot guarantee you such.

This QuGenix RX anti-aging serum will make your skin glow, increasing the radiance of the skin naturally, and makes it appear youthful in a way that you want. You will start noticing that using QuGenix gives you a more balanced, more flexible skin with a balanced elasticity completely removing of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet only after a short period of usage.