It should catch you by surprise to discover that majority of your employees or clients have kids. It is advised that you carry out a survey. After a successful survey and it is fact that a high percentage of your employees or clients have children, the selection of children-friendly gift options will seem very much appreciated. Below are gift options you can consider for addition to your Singapore corporate gift package, as they will make your gift selection process easier than imagined. This options listed below are appropriate for use by both the children and the parents.

  1. Tissue Packs

This is an inexpensive and simple Singapore corporate gift choice. This gift choice comes handy for parents. It serves lots of purpose in the household, which include wrapping gum rather than spit it on the floor, wiping noses, toilet use, and much more use.

  1. Pencil Sets

Parents know how important it is to hold something for raucous children to be occupied with. This is essential, as you might be delayed at meetings that there is no certainty with the duration or while stuck in traffic for a long period.

  1. Foldable Frisbees

This choice of a gift is appropriate for those with pets, particularly dogs and as well as children in their homes. They can be compressed to a compact size, Itmakes to be easily pulled out whenever.

  1. Keyboard Cleaner Clips

These cleaners are convenient for use as their attached to the top of flat screen monitors of personal computers. It is useful in a household when the kid’s soil the keys of a PC, whereby it is easily pulled down and it is used to wipe the keys. Many do not have this product in their homes but will be appreciated if offered as a gift. Younger children are by observation known to be inquisitive so love to explore the computer, they do this without regards to the mess they bring on the keys.

All of these highlighted tips for Singapore corporate gift selection are suitable for your employees or clients with children.