The majority of people on the internet desire going viral, this involves the competition for viewers. It is a cutthroat competition for most views and the biggest fan base. Recent statistics given by YouTube shows they brag for about fifteen billion video post on the website, with a similar amount of subscription and equivalent amount of viewers. Most recently, it is very important to have knowledge of the processes involved when you want to buy real youtube views.

The business of YouTube views accommodates the exclusives at the top of the industry. These exclusives are the most renowned in the business. They can be referred to as the ‘in-crowd’. If you have the formula to keeping subscribers on YouTube, You should reserve it because not many have this winning formula. With the circle of the exclusives in the business, there are few elites, which the members of the circle look up to as they are regarded in term of popularity as the king or queen. In the YouTube world, the topmost of popularity is going viral.

In the business of getting your content viral on YouTube, It is as fiery as u either lose your life or win. It is a game based on luck and chance to some extent because there is no certain formula to achieve the result of going viral. Most importantly, successful videos on the internet have the following factors achieved; incessant updates, engaging contents, long-term branding campaign through keywords that optimized by search engines and social media.

A definite formula for success with your content on YouTube is hard work and establishing organic growth. There are several factors to be considered when considering video optimization during a YouTube marketing campaign.

The first factor to consider is the content, content is the most assured method to acquire subscribers to your channel. The more unique your channel the more attention you receive from YouTube users. While creating unique content ensure there is fun attached to it. Statistics show that no video ever in the vaults of YouTube went viral being uninteresting.