The majority of internet users are familiar with botnets, malware, and ransomware, just a few can really tell the origins of these web threats. It is obvious they originated from somewhere somehow. These threats are stored somewhere; it does not make sense to believe they are just roaming the internet at will. Many countries have declared many of these threats illegal. Bulletproof hosting is part of the technology that sustains these threats on the internet.

In order to understand the technology behind bulletproof hosting, we will have let go through the basics of regular hosting. A company that runs a facility that accommodatesa lot of servers is referred to as a regular web hosting service. This is also known in simple form as a data center.

Every bit of data on the internet requires a place of residence, thereby making these servers a place of residence. Regular web hosting service act as real estate agents by providing spaces for lease or for sale on a server. They also internet connectivity, so that many can access the data uploaded on their server. Many companies in the market have policies for what is stored on their servers, this help maintains the quality of their service.

Difference between Bulletproof Hosting and Regular Web Hosting

One of the major difference between both web-hosting services that bulletproof hosting gives more freedom to what is hosted on their servers compared to regular web hosting services. The location of the centers of bulletproof hosting services is in countries with lenient laws on what is hosted on servers and their extradition laws.

The defense of many of the owners of these data centers is that they offering services to customers. It is no news that many bulletproof hosting servers accommodate lots of data. It is very difficult to track the movement many of the customer’s operations.