People who want to be anonymous with their personal information on the internet utilize anonymous domain registration. Anonymous domains help secure their last name, phone number, residential address from web users.

In order to preserve a database of different website IP addresses and their corresponding websitenames, a domain registration is required. Domain registration ensures that websites do not have the same name. The provision of information to who owns thewebsite is a feature available on awebsite that is linked to the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) Domain Name Server (DNS) database. This is very important in events where illegal pornography has been posted or copyright laws have been infringed and a lawsuit need to be fomented.

This prevents the direction of Spam to the registered individual’s email addresses. There are many companies on the internet that offer the services of domain registration, but most usersend up spending $5 to $10 more that they should.

The reason for this excess charge is that rather than the companies register the website under the user name, the companies register the domain under their names. The user enters an agreement with the company concerning disclosing the user’s personal information and it states the terms and condition of the company. As the user wish, they can sell the rights to the domain or customize the contents of the website whenever. According to the books, the legitimate owner of the website is the company. Just in case of any dispute, users can consult the ICANN’s Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy.

With Anonymous domain registration, there is the prevention of poaching of users by contending companies that can consult WHOIS database and convince customers for a good deal.

It is advised that before purchasing an anonymous domain name from any provider carefully goes through the agreement clause. There have been so many events in the past where the registering company made user’s information public.