The Asian country of Singapore is reputable for being a very costly place and this is right to a level though it is dependent on the type of trip you would like to experience, it is surely far more costly than what is obtainable from the other countries in Southeast Asia with majority of the things going for at least 200% more than in the regional countries. Alcohol is definitely expensive and if you’re on a trip to the city-state as part of your Southeast Asia journey on a little budget, you’d be wise to Buy Wallpaper in Singapore. A Singapore backpacking budget of $45/day will vanish in a matter of hours if you opt to visit one of the numerous swanky bars and clubs, however, you can possibly be able to pay for a night out if you have the plan of 3 to 4 days on this budget.

But Singapore actually has one or two benefits for the budget traveller. The major one being that it is only a city and you would not spend any money moving from town to town just like what is obtainable with other countries. Travelling in Singapore is relatively on the low-cost side and if you make a hostel choice in a great environment, you can see most of the city on foot. Opting for a hostel that has self-catering facilities will also assist you in cutting your costs significantly because eating out two or three times daily will take the lion share of your budget.

One of the major attractions is shopping and there are a lot of shopping malls to spend your cash in where you can Buy Wallpaper in Singapore. The budget of $45 daily that we propose is realistic for your daily needs in addition to a bit of sightseeing, however, it evidently doesn’t encourage a lot of shopping, therefore, you should set aside $100 or more if you want to visit the malls.