Clothes may appear to be light, however, they are bulky as well, therefore it is important to take the least and what you take with you should be vêtements pas chers of great quality and fit for numerous purposes. At least a few solid/quality items from either decent clothing brands or specialist outdoor/travel clothing companies will ensure functionality, durability and that you feel comfortable in what you wear.

  • Take two T-shirts or similar. One would be to sleep in and/or mess up if the need arises while the other can be a better moisture wicking cotton/polyester kind or similar, crafted from a unique fabric made to remove sweat from your body. Women should be able to pack some vest-tops without taking up much space.
  • A polo shirt and/or a shirt. No less than one item that has long sleeves (if you’re able to fasten and roll them up, even better). Shirts are actually the perfect choice. The significance behind having at least a piece of clothing that has long sleeves, even if a shrill cotton top, can’t be overemphasized since insect and sun protection can be vital.

Keeping warm

For all climates… irrespective of where or which climate you are going to, pack for yourself an extremely lightweight (very thinly filled) jacket and a flimsy, lightweight microfleece (or something that is light and warm).

For somewhere a little cooler… Change your microfleece into something that is a little thicker and possibly get a better (more expensive/hooded/technical) micro down jacket.

For somewhere probably wet/miserable and cold… Upgrade the fleece to something that is warmer/thicker and the jacket to a total waterproof shell along with a hood that will keep out all rain/wind.

Two pairs of pants (trousers). Swift drying, light travel kinds (whether standard cotton or derived from a unique fabric made by an outdoor clothing company). Normal cotton trousers or vêtements pas chers can be purchased easily and on the cheap in Asia or somewhere else on the road.