As Backpackers we have fun on the road, but still we tend to experience alot of difficulties and rigor on our path to our destination, and a nice and cozy place to rest after all rigor is the least we deserve, but we don’t get much of that nowadays. The comfort in Hostels has reduced over the years, what used to be a home away from home has been reduced to a place just to lay our head for the night. The interest in backpacking has reduced over the years because of this.

We at Bomvu are aimed at reversing this stigma that has been attached to hostels that are meant for backpackers. We have made adequate provisions over time to improve on what other hostels are lacking.

Our hostels have a homely feel, it is the replication of that feeling you have when you are at your own home(your safe zone). unlike other hostel lodges for backpackers, we are backpackers ourselves and we know the feeling you have after a long day travel, and we know just what suits you.

We also give advice on appropriate gears to our clients, when backpacking taking along the appropriate gear is one of the key factors to ensure a smooth journey. The gear to use are based on and determined by the type of journey you are on. You don’t expect the gear you take along on a lightweight trip to be the same as that of a wilderness trip. With this in mind, we help you to make appropriate choices based on the road trip.

Meeting new people is a good thing but again meeting new people with common goals as you sounds better. Meeting people with common goal tends to spur the human mind, and motivate the soul. Here at Bomvu is also a place where you can hook up with other backpackers that have similar paths as you, people from different parts of the world. This opens you to various opportunities. We have various testimonies that have been shared by our clients in the past. But we think seeing all these things for yourself will be the best. We agree that you might find it difficult to put your solemn trust in backpackers hostel lodges due to your experiences in the past. But if you never try, you will never know.

What Is the Best Protein Powder for Women: Top 3 Products?

If you’re a little bit confused by all the different types of protein powders available – check out this Fitbody top article – and would like to know which one is best for women and the reasons why then this article is for you.

There are basically loads of protein powders in the market with whey, soy, and casein being a few, along with loads of popular brands and products. So the question has to be, which one should women purchase, and why? Should you go with an animal-based protein powder such as casein, whey, or egg? Or probably a plant-based protein powder like soy, pea, hemp, or rice? Or maybe a blend or combination of different types?

A great protein powder should meet the following criteria;

  1. It does not need to taste like milkshake, but it should mix well and have a good taste. If you have to force yourself to drink it, then it’s going to be difficult staying with it.
  2. Its macronutrient profile should be great; meaning it should contain the highest protein for the least calories and also be as low in fat and carbs as possible.
  3. It should be reasonably priced and provide good value when it comes to cost per serving.

It’s also helpful to stay away from powders that contain food dyes, artificial sweeteners, or other kinds of junk, for the reason that it helps decrease our general exposure to these chemicals.

In choosing a type of protein powder, buyers actually have a varied choice. Powders are made from virtually all imaginable sources with an extensive range of prices to match. Eventually, the kind of protein powder you decide to go with will be a function of your food preferences and dietary needs.


Walking and Testosterone Boost – Anabolic rx24

Let me offer you a few ways through which walking and using the anabolic rx24 can provide a majority of the male folks with an evident boost in testosterone. Testosterone is regarded as the hormone of manliness although women make it too, however, men make a lot more to get the muscle mass, strength, body density and the body size that is linked to manhood.

  1. Exercise Almost Every Day

The most efficient way to grow lean body mass is through the combination of high-intensity exercise and very slow weight resistance. In other words, interval training.

Perform some type of high-intensity exercise for little bursts—rowing, running, treadmill, biking, elliptical.

Opt for a long slow aerobic activity—swim, hike, run, walk, and bike once weekly. Ensure that you stretch after every exercise session and warm up well every time. You lose flexibility as you grow older, therefore, warm up for ten minutes at least and cool down with enough stretching so as to avoid injury.

  1. Reduce Stress

Any form of stress leads to a flight or fight reaction. Your adrenals can’t decipher between your late bill worry and a tiger chasing you. The reaction is exactly the same—adrenaline pumps to get you out of danger before cortisol is released to fuel flight or fight.

  1. Eat Enough Healthy Fat

Testosterone is a steroid hormone meaning it’s derived from cholesterol. Your cholesterol levels rise particularly the LDL cholesterol (the big particle type) as your testosterone levels reduce. You have to eat fat to produce testosterone. Make sure 30% of your calories are gotten from fat. Healthy fats include seeds, poultry, olives and olive oil, dairy products, meat, coconut oil, nuts, eggs, avocado, and fish.

Obviously, there are no studies yet to ascertain that walking increases testosterone, therefore, if you do it correctly and use anabolic rx24 constantly, it will provide you with a certain amount of boost. Therefore get out and hit the sidewalks, the treadmill, the pavement and the parks and walk.

Singapore Backpacking – Buy Wallpaper in Singapore

The Asian country of Singapore is reputable for being a very costly place and this is right to a level though it is dependent on the type of trip you would like to experience, it is surely far more costly than what is obtainable from the other countries in Southeast Asia with majority of the things going for at least 200% more than in the regional countries. Alcohol is definitely expensive and if you’re on a trip to the city-state as part of your Southeast Asia journey on a little budget, you’d be wise to Buy Wallpaper in Singapore. A Singapore backpacking budget of $45/day will vanish in a matter of hours if you opt to visit one of the numerous swanky bars and clubs, however, you can possibly be able to pay for a night out if you have the plan of 3 to 4 days on this budget.

But Singapore actually has one or two benefits for the budget traveller. The major one being that it is only a city and you would not spend any money moving from town to town just like what is obtainable with other countries. Travelling in Singapore is relatively on the low-cost side and if you make a hostel choice in a great environment, you can see most of the city on foot. Opting for a hostel that has self-catering facilities will also assist you in cutting your costs significantly because eating out two or three times daily will take the lion share of your budget.

One of the major attractions is shopping and there are a lot of shopping malls to spend your cash in where you can Buy Wallpaper in Singapore. The budget of $45 daily that we propose is realistic for your daily needs in addition to a bit of sightseeing, however, it evidently doesn’t encourage a lot of shopping, therefore, you should set aside $100 or more if you want to visit the malls.


Settling Down After Backpacking – Talking To a Kelowna Mortgage Broker

There comes a point where the majority of the backpackers have to drop their pack and do some settling. Many backpackers out there dispute this, however, at some point, many people decide that setting down a bit  — contacting a Kelowna mortgage broker about getting a mortgage, or even having children, etc. — is something they would like to do, and they’re ready to jettison their wandering, globetrotting lifestyle for these new priorities.

However, irrespective of how wholesome the new priorities may be, settling down is never an easy thing especially for those that are too familiar with travelling. Therefore, here are some ways to deal with this unavoidable phase and find out that life led continually outside of the road is great too.


Surf the web, Facebook your forgotten travel friends, read, and chat on the various online forums to keep you abreast of all the happenings worldwide. It’s easy to be involved with talks concerning the newest reality show on local TV and small-town politics gossip when you are in a more settled-down state. Endeavor to keep on learning about the rest of the world.


It is very easy to be a victim of similar daily routine whether you’re somewhere new or have settled back in your hometown meaning that you drive to the same supermarket, spends weekends at home in front of the TV, and meet friends at the same pubs or restaurants. Have it at the back of your mind that visiting your hometown could mean travelling to others. Try to get their viewpoint, move out and get to know your area well.


You can use up some time while cooking or going to work to think about potential future destinations. It could be frustrating to know that your chat with the Kelowna mortgage broker means you can’t leave for your dream destination tomorrow. However, it’s all an issue of give-and-take.


Important clothing for Backpacking – vêtements pas chers

Clothes may appear to be light, however, they are bulky as well, therefore it is important to take the least and what you take with you should be vêtements pas chers of great quality and fit for numerous purposes. At least a few solid/quality items from either decent clothing brands or specialist outdoor/travel clothing companies will ensure functionality, durability and that you feel comfortable in what you wear.

  • Take two T-shirts or similar. One would be to sleep in and/or mess up if the need arises while the other can be a better moisture wicking cotton/polyester kind or similar, crafted from a unique fabric made to remove sweat from your body. Women should be able to pack some vest-tops without taking up much space.
  • A polo shirt and/or a shirt. No less than one item that has long sleeves (if you’re able to fasten and roll them up, even better). Shirts are actually the perfect choice. The significance behind having at least a piece of clothing that has long sleeves, even if a shrill cotton top, can’t be overemphasized since insect and sun protection can be vital.

Keeping warm

For all climates… irrespective of where or which climate you are going to, pack for yourself an extremely lightweight (very thinly filled) jacket and a flimsy, lightweight microfleece (or something that is light and warm).

For somewhere a little cooler… Change your microfleece into something that is a little thicker and possibly get a better (more expensive/hooded/technical) micro down jacket.

For somewhere probably wet/miserable and cold… Upgrade the fleece to something that is warmer/thicker and the jacket to a total waterproof shell along with a hood that will keep out all rain/wind.

Two pairs of pants (trousers). Swift drying, light travel kinds (whether standard cotton or derived from a unique fabric made by an outdoor clothing company). Normal cotton trousers or vêtements pas chers can be purchased easily and on the cheap in Asia or somewhere else on the road.


Backpacking Basics for Men – Frauen Ansprechen

Car camping is cool however, there’s something uniquely masculine about putting everything you require to survive on your back before storming the woods to catch some fun and frauen ansprechen like they advise here: In the event that you’re leaning towards backpacking yourself, the following tips will assist you on your next trip. Let’s go through a list of things that could be required.

  1. The Perfect Backpack

You want more than just a normal backpack. You would like a comfortable backpack that you can wear on your back without it posing any issues.

  1. Foot care

Getting the right shoes and socks for the sake of your feet is important. In the case of blisters, make sure you pack some moleskin.

  1. Stay Hydrated

You will have to pack a water filter as well as a very good water bottle to make sure that you don’t drink from the stream in order to stay hydrated while hiking in the wilderness.

  1. Time to Sleep

You would like to sleep well after around eight to ten hours of hiking on a daily basis. To this effect, you have to pack well including a tent and an extra warm sleeping bag since there are no Comfort Suites to lodge into in addition to the fact that sleeping on hard ground full of rocks as well as everything else underneath you is no fun at all. A lightweight tent is the real as you have to carry it on your back.

  1.  Smells like Roses

The final thing is to ensure that you have a deodorant with you so you can frauen ansprechen with confidence. I know what’s on your mind – “You’re a man, why does a man need deodorant when he’s out in the wilderness?” You are absolutely on point! You are not required to use any deodorant while you’re out there in the wilderness hiking but it comes into play for the jolly ride home.


Backpackers’ Secrets and Free Fonts: Important Tips for Inexpensive Travel

Think about a backpacker and you might visualize an unfocused youth with unlimited endurance and tattered jeans. However, backpacking is not limited to gritty hostels and gap-year students. It is about independence and adventure — and one of the most inexpensive ways to embark on a trip, the reason why travelers on a budget, experienced travelers, and even those who opt for free fonts, upscale cuisine, private bathrooms shouldn’t discard the ways of the wily backpacker.

From packing a very light bag (you can rub it into the noses of small-time airlines) to locating affordable food and accommodations, these backpacker tricks will assist you to travel better.

Tip #1: Use Your Feet

Backpacking normally needs a great deal of endurance and strength. However if you’re not the type to swim across the English Channel, or scale mountains, walking trips is an easy way out for you to challenge yourself. Just like what is obtainable with any physical endeavour, you’ll experience a real confidence boost having pushed your limits and came out on top.

Tip #2: Contemplate a Hostel

You might be afraid that your presence in a hostel would make you feel like the odd one out as a grown adult. However, hostels are not limited to the younger ones. Older travellers’ hostels booking is on the rise due to the increase in international hotel rates, so they’re able to discover clean beds, private rooms and bathrooms, and no-reservations-needed lodgings in hostels all over the world.

Tip #3: Visit the Grocery Store

Packing a light load is vital to avoid huge checked-bag fees, however, it is also important so that you have enough room for food. Backpackers are inclined to find out about free fonts, local bakeries, eclectic food carts and fresh produce markets.

Tip #4: Pack Light

You have to pack like a backpacker to travel like one. Going through long distances is almost impossible with a heavy carry-on bag and a suitcase with rollers. By carrying a light load, you’ll avoid the additional baggage fees charged by most airlines for checked luggage.

4 Reasons to Take the Best Air Rifle During a Backpacking Trip

The following are 4 reasons why you are required to take your best air rifle with you during your backpacking trips as a Survival Rifle:

1: Brilliant Small Game Hunter

An air gun, most especially .22 caliber, is a great weapon to use for a small game. While people have killed larger game such as wild boars using air guns, they are most suitable for small game. Small game hunting is ideal for every survivalist. Dove, rabbit, duck, squirrel, quail and the like are great food sources and are always available across the country. Through practice, hunting small game with the aid of a pellet gun won’t pose any problem.

 2: The AMMO

The AMMO on the pellet gun is one of the resounding reasons why there should be one on hand. Pellets, irrespective of the caliber are inexpensive. You can get 100s of pellets for a little cash.

3: Silent Shooter

Dismiss the earplugs. These are silent guns. In a lot of survival scenarios, a silent weapon is a useful thing. Aside from the fact that you can hunt peacefully without attracting attention to you or your family, shooting a silent weapon also means you can take more than 1 shot if there are a lot of targets. These are positive.

4: Powered By Air

Despite the fact that air is never out of stock you still don’t have to purchase it. As a result of this, the BREAK-BARREL or MULTI-PUMP Air Gun is advisable. You can opt not to buy a pneumatic or CO2 powered airgun. Having to refill tanks or canisters is not a good idea in a survival/deadly situation.

Those are the 4 great reasons why the best air rifle is always a part of my survival arsenal.


4 Benefits of Backpacking – JAMB Registration

Someone with a lively lifestyle in addition to a love for travel normally sums up what a backpacker is. Travelling to different countries with the aid of just one bag glued to your back may not be glamorous or fun-filled like a luxurious jet-setting adventure, however, there’s a lot more to JAMB Registration than you think. There are some positive reasons as well as advantages of backpacking as a great way to explore the world.
The following are some reasons why only a single pack is capable of making a prodigious adventurer of you;
1. Getting a great exercise
Backpacking serves as a good exercise for travellers with the combination of long hikes and strapped weight on your back. This combination makes you a little stronger, faster and better than the normal traveller. Dependent on the environment you are exploring, backpacking can range from a little trek in the forest to a difficult mountain climb.
2. Feeling free
Backpackers are the drivers of their own ships, unlike what is obtainable with the majority of planned trips. You have to still plan to accommodate your itinerary in a small time frame, however, apart from that, you can explore the world in whatever way or form you like. Conducting your own course instead of letting another person do it for you can be likened to being free.
3. Doing things on your own can also assist you in building trust in yourself as an individual. As a backpacker, you go through numerous things more than the typical traveler.
4. No one experiences the moment better like the backpackers, therefore, every place you visit, every journey you make, every event you participate in more important due to the fact that you spend a lot of effort in examining the JAMB Registration and visiting your destinations.

We at Bomvu got your back at anytime of the day and promises to give you an experience that is different from the others.