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Bomvu Backpackers Features


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All-in-One Package for Backpackers


Countless backpackers know us as a good-value hostel with all types of required amenities along with most amazing, amicable local staff. However, our friendly staff or its service is not just confined to the responsibility of offering different accommodations.


We offer a few more activities or facilities for our backpackers. To make their journey truly thrilling, our team plans their journey so that they can get everything under one roof, right from BBQs and nocturnal drum learning to adventurous activities.


The planning is as per your requirements and preferences. However, it is so much fun such that backpackers do not feel like leaving both the place and our service. As a bonus, we give some freebies as surprises to them.


So, why not get ready this time to enjoy the rural Africa in an adventurous way with us? We ensure that you will not go back home without happy memories and surprises. This is regardless of the type of accommodation you choose.

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Our adventures packages include both land and water thrills. Ranging right from surfing to hiking, there is seriously something thrilling for everyone, regardless of their age, preferences, likes, and dislikes.


More than 50 sites to choose in a rich bird sanctuary nearby, known for its 90 indigenous trees and 75 bird species.


Learn surfing or enjoy it amidst any water level of your convenience or simply hail the scenic cruise tours to nearby islands!

Hiking/Horse Riding

Scenic coastal hikes including the most popular, Hole in the Wall and Mapuzi

You Explore the Nature

You Enjoy the Adventure, and You Stay in an Authentic Habitat

Our location is not any ordinary one. It is perhaps one of the most scenic, unique, and extraordinary ones, which tend to lure any backpacker or traveler. Even someone who has come to South Africa for the first time is likely to fall in love with our place!


Well, that’s the significance and power of the surrounding natural beauty. While we are known for our tranquil hostel accommodation, we offer beyond your imagination when it comes to staying in such a scenic place.


Our accommodations also include dorms, comfy rustic huts, suites, and even double rooms at the most tempting prizes. No matter which one you choose, you can expect all the required amenities, ranging right from parking, showers, BBQs, laundry, and fire pits. There are also shaded gardens and the famous beach at a walkable distance.
The all-African ambiance gets accentuated when you choose to be with the Xhosa tribe for enjoying several activities, right from bread making to surfing and hiking. They are tribal but their intellect and way to mingling, teaching, and communicating seem to be better than us. This is something that you must experience!

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The science behind the Clone A Pussy kit

If you’ve searched for vagina molding kits online, I’m sure you have come across the insanely popular Clone a Pussy DIY kit. This fantastic product has taken the market by introducing the concept of DIY fleshlights. Not only that, it has the power to make the perfect replica of your vulva. How cool is that!?


What is this Clone A Pussy anyway?


Clone A Pussy, as the name suggests, is a DIY cloning kit to make a replica of your pussy or vulva. It comes in a cute box with everything you need to make the most accurate copy of your vulva.


Cool, but why is this product so popular?


Boy, oh boy! This product has certainly gained more popularity in the last few years than most sex toys combined! I believe this is because this isn’t primarily a sex toy. The fact that you can make a replica of your vulva has become a subject of admiration for women across the globe. Social media was flooded with compliments from users from all corners of the world. Clone A Pussy was not only backed by kinky sex enthusiasts but also by regular women who just wanted to appreciate the beauty of womanhood.


But have you ever wondered why exactly Cool A Pussy became so popular? What secret led to this vast trendsetting fad about this one vagina mold? It’s all in the recipe.

Cool A Pussy gave something to the market that no one ever could. It gave them the ability to make a replica of their vagina. Sure there were popular sex stores around random streets that could do the job, but none were so accurate in replicating the texture of the vulva by the millimeter.


So, the reasons why Clone A Pussy DIY kit broke the market are:

  • The unique idea of cloning the vulva
  • Easy to use and very convenient
  • Cheap and affordable kit
  • Lastly, it empowers women by showing them their beautiful bodies.


Gotcha. What’s the exact science behind this product?


As I said, the real reason why Clone A Pussy became so popular was for its unique ideas and molding recipe. The developers knew exactly what to serve and how to work to make such a unique replica.


There have been many products that tried to make a usable silicon molding kit for privates, but they have all failed miserably. The developers of Clone A Pussy knew precisely what issues its competing brands had. Some of them are:

  • The ingredient list to make the whole thing bio-safe
    First and foremost, biosafety. The team behind Clone A Pussy was always set on ensuring this product was 100% safe.
    Since the mold stays in intimate contact with your privates, making the product bio-safe was their primary goal. Therefore they had to reinvent most of the ingredients through grueling hours of work in the laboratory collaborating with all sorts of clinicians from across the globe.
  • Working with only household products
    To use the Clone A Pussy kit, you just need water leaving out the 3 usual ingredients with the kit. They cut down on all unnecessary ingredients to give you a simple DIY kit that anyone can use.
  • The recipe for molding powder
    It took years for the team to come up with the exact composition of the molding powder. The major problem they encountered was that it is highly uncomfortable for women to have that gooey mixture on their bodies in an awkward position. Hence they had to make sure that the molding powder could quickly solidify and take its form as fast as possible. With over a hundred compounds in tests and several prototypes, the team finally developed this ingenious mixture that can solidify in less than 90 seconds! It truly is an astonishing feat!
  • Making a lump-free silicon mixture
    If you’ve ever worked with silicon before, you’d know that it is increasingly difficult to work with the substance, especially if you’re trying to make a solid product out of the powder. Therefore the developers of Clone A Pussy had to come up with a compound of silicone that not only forms a homogeneous mixture with water but also can retain shape. It makes unusual clumps and aggregates in the bottom if there is any disturbance in temperature and concentration.

    This process itself took over a year to make!

  • Fast setting silicon
    Most silicon casts take days to harden. The developers knew they had to cut down on the solidifying time, so this was their next challenge. After tedious research, they finally came up with the current composition that can solidify in 10 hours. Impressive, isn’t it?

With all these insane scientific modifications, Clone A Pussy from Twice Tonight established itself as a leading brand in vagina molding kits. This product has achieved several unimaginable feats just in a few years.

Many companies, including the giants in the business, tried their luck in making a similar product but failed miserably. They either couldn’t crack the recipe for making this product or didn’t know how to replace the brand leader of this segment.


So when I say the Clone A Pussy DIY kit is effin awesome, I mean it. Try this molding kit and trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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